Combilift’s COMBI-SC is the best option for structural steel production and general steel industry.  A wide range of attachments means it is completely customisable to suit your specific handling requirements.

Products suitable for handling Structural Steel

2 X Straddle Carrier’s working in tandem to manoeuvre a large steel beam.

A peerless solution for the efficient handling of high value, long and awkward loads, the Combi-SC is a perfect fit for the steel fabrication industry. Equipped for stamina over large sites, our solutions are a practical alternative to overhead cranes even when ground conditions are poor.

Indoor and outdoor operation avoids double handling and ensures efficient transfer of products from trailer to racking while eliminating damage. Narrow and guided aisle technology can double storage capacity for cost-effective operation.

Magnetic Attachment

When visibility is vital, we offer customised cab positions. The customer for this truck required something very customised, this meant not only fitting a raised cab, but also a special attachment. The end result, a machine capable of lifting 50 ton with just magnets!

At Combilift, we will build you a bespoke Straddle Carrier / Mobile Gantry tailored to your needs which will save you money, increase productivity and much more

Remote Control Option

Combilift offer a remote control option for the Comb-SC which offers safety and productivity benefits. Increased visibility and easier rigging alignment mean safer conditions. The need for a spotter/banksman in a confined area is eliminated increasing return on investment.


The use of a wireless remote control eliminates the need for the operator to be in direct contact with a running machine. This means the operator can position themselves in a safer manner, farther away from moving parts, harmful dust, noise and vibration or falling debris that may occur.

Load Stabiliser System

The rectangle load bearing system which is unique to the Combilift Straddle Carrier, supports the suspended load, eliminating swing by allowing the load to rest, greatly increasing safety

Rotating Forks

This extremely useful attachment allows you to rotate the forks 360° in a revolving motion, safely and efficiently when moving loads. Best used for inverting and dumping loads, it helps to improve productivity and greatly limit downtime.

Centrally Located, Ground Accessible Cabin

The centrally located, ground accessible cabin is designed for operator safety and comfort with 360° visibility from the cab meaning they can transport loads in confidence.

The user interface is intuitive and most functions can be carried out from within the cab reducing the need for operatives to work at height, which ensures the highest levels of operator safety and productivity.

Benefits of the Combilift Straddle Carrier

  • Reduced product damage
  • 360° visibility allows operator confidence in load Transportation
  • Robust & Reliable handling solution
  • Multi-Functionality reducing fleet numbers
  • Crane or additional equipment hire reduced if not 100% eliminated

What our Customer’s have to say

✓ Major cost savings

✓ Faster turnaround

✓ Improved Safety

✓ Reduced product damage & labour costs

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