Coils/Cable Drums

Increase Safety, Storage and Efficiency when handling Coils/Cable Drums by Investing in Combilift.

Coil Industry

The Combi-SC delivers excellent coil handling, high productivity and reliability as well as low maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

The ergonomic cabin offers the driver full visibility, safe handling and great comfort.

This Combilift Straddle Carrier is fitted with a special attachment to clamp the coil when travelling.

It is more cost effective to purchase and maintain than other coil handling solutions, an innovative and customised lifting solution designed to your specific needs.

It is the perfect handling solution for those who require fast turn around times and complete flexibility.

Rotating C-hook

The Combi-MG can be equipped with a rotating C-hook for handling coils, which can be operated to roll in both directions and in manual and automatic operation. With capacities ranging from 80 tonne, it’s a safe choice to go with the Combi-MG.

  • Rotate coils 180 degrees
  • Transfer coils through low door ways
  • Increase the steel coil storage capacity by 50%
  • Ability to load flatbed trucks

Coil Graber

No matter what your coil handling application involves, Combilift Engineers will help you find the solution that best meets your material handling needs.

The hooks on this Combi-MG are adjustable to permit handling coils of varying thickness.

Remote Control multidirectional Mobile Gantry

Steel Coil handling made easy with Combilift’s multi-directional remote-controlled mobile crane, it comes with all wheel steer and six steering functions as standard. Thanks to its multidirectional capability and carousel function it offers superb manoeuvrability both indoors and out.

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