Combilift’s Combi-SC is the best method for handling precast concrete, whether it is hollow core, slabs, beams or concrete pipe. A wide range of attachments means it is completely customisable to suit your specific handling requirements.

Precast Concrete Industry

The Cost Effective Solution for handling Precast Concrete

Combilift’s revolutionary approach is more than a match for the bulky materials and challenging conditions of the concrete industry. The capacity to operate both indoors and out eliminates the need for multiple lifts, reducing fleet size and minimising stress or brittle materials. Combilift’s hydrostatic design and closed loop systems preform outstandingly well in harsh and dusty environments, ensuring reliable performance, 24/7.

The rotating capabilities of this bespoke Combi-SC are much safer than using a crane or any alternative method.

Combi-MG Mobile Gantry

This Green Machine was sent out to one of our American Customers. They needed a truck that was easily transported to different work sites, so this meant our standard design would not work here. What we proposed was this machine which had a very narrow wheel base to allow it to be transported on a flatbed trailer.


The main use for the truck was for lowering these concrete sections into a deep trench, so to have a long enough lift stroke, we opted to use a hydraulic winch mounted to the top of the truck, giving the ability to lower the hook 7 meters!


The Combi-SBT is powered by a state-of-the-art diesel engine that is in line with all current emission regulations. It has a 3-wheel design, with the rear wheels hydrostatically driven. The machine is steered from the front, ensuring excellent manoeuvrability and with the operators cabin also situated at the front, it enables even novice operators to position the machine exactly where it needs to be.  

How it works

The Combi-SBT consists of a cab which steers the load bed behind it underneath the deck of the swap body. Platforms at either end of the load bed are raised to lift the swap body off the ground – in just 11 seconds – so that it can easily be transported and deposited elsewhere in the yard or the facility. 

Improve Productivity and Storage

When Handling Precast Concrete

The Combi-SC greatly improves productivity and site efficiency. Full loads of precast concrete can be lifted from the ground and loaded directly onto a trailer in a single operation.

Site Storage capacity can be considerably improved because of the Combi-SC’s ability to work in narrow aisles and utilise 1 over 1 storage.

Grapple Arms – An effective solution for handling Precast Concrete

This machine has a special attachment with grapple arms that move in and hook into skids at the front and rear of concrete sections. Grapple arms can move up and down on trolley’s depending on the length of load to be lifted. The driver does not have to exit the cab – the machine is 3 wheel drive due to the large dimensions of the truck.

Remote control option

Combilift offer a remote control option for the Combi-SC which offers safety and productivity benefits when handling precast concrete. Increased visibility and easier rigging alignment mean safer conditions. The need for a spotter/banksman in a confined area is eliminated increasing return on investment.


This fully remote control truck allows the driver to visually monitor all areas of the machine while navigating those narrow aisle-ways, and with a full side-shift, the load can be placed with pin point accuracy.

The Combi-SC is the Perfect Solution for Lifting Concrete Pipes

The Combi-SC is telescopic allowing it to lift pipes out from the front of a row of pipes, it also reduces the risk of the pipe end breaking, being damaged causing defects or incorrect pipe alignment.

Stacking Concrete

With maximum storage and visibility key to this customer, these Combi-MG’s were designed to suit a customer’s yard layout which allowed for 4 stacks wide plus 1 trucking lane for loading. Visibility across the stacks was dramatically improved with the addition of raised platforms on the machine that enables the operator to pick specific stacks if needed.

Tailored specifically to suit our Customer’s needs

This Combilift Straddle Carrier was designed to suit an attachment the customer already owned which lifts these concrete panels by a vacuum. Coupled with our machine, the Straddle Carrier helps to provide maximum storage and excellent visibility due to its design and raised operator cabin.

Multi-directional, telescopic, full side-shift. This Combilift MG has them all!

With an impressive 40 ton lifting capacity, this MG can be used in various different applications.

This customer needed a truck with a single lifting hook which could rotate with 40 ton hanging from it. To be able to pick specific loads, the side shift was included to allow the hook to move from left to right while the machine is stationary.

This Combilift Straddle Carrier has an impressive 50 ton lifting capacity and ability to side shift the lifting beam fully left or right.  The lifting beam also has the capability to extend/retract in length, allowing for various different loads to be lifted and loaded onto trucks for delivery.

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